Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cork Board Wall Decoration

Do you have a boring bedroom wall? Yes, I did, too, until... I made these!
I went to a Pinterest party a few weeks ago. A lady with 3 boys held it at her house to have a little "girl time." She had bought a few cork coasters, some canvases, and a T- shirt. I started with these 3 cork boards. But because I was at a party, I completely forgot to take pictures at first.
- cork coasters
- Mod Podge
- paint brush
- paint
- glitter
- liquid glue
- tape

 First, I painted the boards, each, a solid color. Then, I put strips of tape evenly apart across the whole thing. In the open spaces, fill it with liquid glue. Sprinkle glitter all over the surface. Take the strips of tape off and let the whole thing dry. Once dry, (see below) paint the whole thing with Mod Podge. Do several coats, but let each coat dry before adding another.

Now you are ready to hang them on your wall!
(I pinned a few things on them to show you that they actually hold things. :D )
(The first one is a signature from a lady from the WNBA, the middle one are just a couple pictures, and the last one has a Bible verse that I like on it.)

{and don't worry... I haven't forgotten to make a tutorial for the rag rug... stay tuned!} :)

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  1. This one is interesting.........I am working on ideas for a kitchen bulletin board. I really need one.

    Mrs. Keffer