Friday, October 11, 2013

Outdoor Twister

This is one of the things that I did with my sisters this summer.
We made an outdoor game of twister. Pretty much all we did was cut a circle in the bottom of a box, place it on the grass, and spray paint through the hole. I know this post was really short and not that interesting, but have no fear... some better crafts will be blogged about later!

our outdoor game of twister

Esther acting like she is playing the game...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Melted Crayon Art

I did this for my mom at the beginning of the year for her classroom.
My dear friend, Haley, did one of these with me this summer (but ours had a silhouette of a person below the crayons).


- hot glue gun
- crayons
- canvas
- duct tape or masking tape
- x- acto knife
- hair dryer

  1. Pick out the crayons you would like to use (you could do multiple colors or you could use various shades of one color).
  2. Take all of the labels off of the crayons with an x- acto knife.
  3. Hot glue the crayons to the top of the canvas in a line.
  4. Cut pieces of tape and put it down on the canvas in the shape of the letter(s) you want.
  5. Plug the hair dryer in and hold it over the crayons until they start to melt and drip.
  6. Once enough has melted, turn off the hair dryer and peel off the tape... and...
... VOILA! You have an awesome looking canvas!!!

You can also arrange the
crayons in a shape and melt
it outwards.

This one has a color
scheme and has the
 Here are a few ideas that I pulled off of Pinterest that are similar to mine. A lot of people do it these ways and not just the way that I did mine... (I am not sure why it would not let me arrange the pictures how I wanted them, so I am sorry that they are kind of all over the place.)

Turn it upside down
and add flowers to
 the tips.

One letter also looks
nice if you have a
 smaller canvas.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I have been crafting, but I can't exactly blog about it yet because most of them are for relatives this summer and I know all of my relatives are reading this. So once I find time to do something that isn't for this upcoming summer in a couple of weeks, I will blog on that. :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Painted Pinecone Decoration

 Ok, this post is really short... but I like it because it can brighten up any dull table in a dull room! :D
Another decoration I found on Pinterest... 
All you need is paint and pinecones... :)
(like the math placemat?)
Below is a picture I took off of the pin I found on Pinterest.
I would have taken my own picture, but I still need to get a vase and some more pinecones to paint. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Snake Bubbles

If you are a babysitter/older sibling/mom... the kids will love you if you do this with them. It entertains them for a LONG time...
First, cut the end off of a plastic water bottle (shown below).
 Next, find an old sock and a rubber band. Wrap both arond the part you just cut off. (don't put the lid on the top of the water bottle)
Find a bucket/pan and add a few quirts of dish soap and water. Swish them together. It should be pretty shallow.
Blow through the opened top of the water bottle...

... and get snake bubbles!

 (if you want to add to the fun... you can put some food coloring on the end of the sock to make rainbow snake bubbles) :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Colorful Earbuds

Here we go again... this is yet another project that I haven't finished,
but I thought I would share it anyway.
All you need is thin yarn or string and earbuds.
First you tie the string to the bottom of the earbuds. Then you make a loop around your wrist with the attached string. Pull the loop off of your wrist, over the ball of yarn/thread and over the earbud's end (where you tied the knot). Pull tightly on the thread to make a sort of knot on the earbuds. Repeat that over and over again until you have come to the end of the earbuds.
 I bought a green to go with my blue because I got bored of just one color, but you can do one or however many more colors as you want.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cork Board Wall Decoration

Do you have a boring bedroom wall? Yes, I did, too, until... I made these!
I went to a Pinterest party a few weeks ago. A lady with 3 boys held it at her house to have a little "girl time." She had bought a few cork coasters, some canvases, and a T- shirt. I started with these 3 cork boards. But because I was at a party, I completely forgot to take pictures at first.
- cork coasters
- Mod Podge
- paint brush
- paint
- glitter
- liquid glue
- tape

 First, I painted the boards, each, a solid color. Then, I put strips of tape evenly apart across the whole thing. In the open spaces, fill it with liquid glue. Sprinkle glitter all over the surface. Take the strips of tape off and let the whole thing dry. Once dry, (see below) paint the whole thing with Mod Podge. Do several coats, but let each coat dry before adding another.

Now you are ready to hang them on your wall!
(I pinned a few things on them to show you that they actually hold things. :D )
(The first one is a signature from a lady from the WNBA, the middle one are just a couple pictures, and the last one has a Bible verse that I like on it.)

{and don't worry... I haven't forgotten to make a tutorial for the rag rug... stay tuned!} :)